Just finished my new soundboard... check it out! Links Below. And any ideas for other games I could make a soundboard for?


New Soundboard!! Left4Dead 2 Anyone?

Here's, yet again, another soundboard. This time I choose to go a little old school with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. One of my favorite online PC shooters, and whats even better is that its free, and the community rocks. So I made it with mostly all the sound clips of both the Axis and Allies from the shooter. I feel it turned out well. What do you guys think?

Check it out here: Yay!

Also don't forget all my other soundboards here: Yay

Wolfenstein Soundboard and More!

Gordon Freeman Soundboard!

2009-02-26 23:51:48 by MilkMan268

Just finished this today after a long 4 months or prep, production, and legal issues. Hope you all enjoy all the wonderful things Gordon Freeman had to say. Out of all the clips he had I could only pick these to put in, or else the flash would basically explode with awesomeness.

But yea , please play Half-Life, and research Gordon Freeman before using this....or else you just be a peeon.

Yep well hope you all enjoy. What do you think of it?

Gordon Freeman Soundboard!

New Game/Tech Blog...Writers Wanted!

2009-01-21 19:23:03 by MilkMan268

Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I recently created a game/tech blog. Located here:

And I'm currently looking for some reviewer, and/or writers for it. Sadly, there will be no pay. But that's because I just started it up, although, over time It will hopefully grow. Allowing me to buy a custom URL for it, and start giving out pay to the writers on it.

On the blog you would basically follow this format:
Find Important Game/Tech Article
Write Sentence or 2 of your opinion/summarize .
Quote a piece of the original article.
Link back to article...give credit to site.

So if you'd like to apply send me a message with your Name, Sample Post (Game/Tech Related), and anything else you want me to see. And if you don't want to apple to be a writer or anything, I would really appreciate it if you just bookmark my blog site or something.

Well thanks again everyone! See ya soon.


Left4Dead Soundboards Are Done!

2008-12-23 12:05:21 by MilkMan268

I just finished the last Left4Dead Soundboard yesterday, and now their all out. There's one for each character, which contains about 80 of their best sound clips. I didn't want to put all their sound clips in their boards, because that would be a little overwhelming for the user since ethers about 500 or more audio clips for each character. So yea check them out, Rate, Review, and Enjoy. =D





Left4Dead Soundboards Are Done!

New Quiz Game And...

2008-07-11 12:52:12 by MilkMan268

So I just released a new quiz game I've been working on for awhile. And this one is much different than my last one...I added a leaderboard, easter eggs, and I improved many other things. Also this one is based solely on FPS games. So go check it out, tell me what you think.



Also has anyone ever heard of a place called Deep Creek Lake?

New Quiz Game And...

Solid Snake Soundboad

2008-06-25 19:40:06 by MilkMan268

I just made a new soundboard game thing. Check it out! Solid Snake voice clips! Yay!

C&C appreciated.

Please recommend to Metal Gear Collection. =D